Blogiversary | Top 10 Architecture Shots

This week was my two year blog anniversary (“blogiversary”!)! I thought I would celebrate the occasion by posting my fave pics from the last while and since I have too many for one post, I’m going to make it a several-part series (so far, I’ve posted my top 10 nature and portrait galleries) :) Enjoy my top 10 favorite architecture photos!


Leafy Greens


Isn’t this such a beautiful palm leaf? As someone who doesn’t live anywhere near palm trees, our recent visit down South was a great pick-me-up until we actually get spring-like weather where we live! Also, bonus points for anyone who leaves feedback about my blog’s facelift:) I would love to hear what you all think!!

Street Art (iPhoneography)


Okay, so I know that these painted lines don’t exactly qualify as “street art” but I think they are awesome anyway:) I love finding amazing things in ordinary situations and items!

On a side note, I figured out how to upload my iPhone photos to WordPress with great resolution…woo hoo:)

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day #11 “Something Blue”


Today’s challenge was “Something Blue”. I thought all of the lakes on my globe would qualify:)

For those of you who care about details, this shot was taken at 35mm, ISO 1600, f2.8, 1/30. Contrast, clarity, adjustment brush, and white balance fixed in Lightroom 4.

I have five blogger friends who have joined me so far in this challenge! To see their challenge posts, please visit their blogs at:

If you would like to join in, please leave me a comment to let me know. I will put a link to any other participants at the bottom of each of my challenge posts. Reminder: It can take you MORE than 30 days to complete this challenge. I know it will definitely take me longer than that:)

My challenge posts will be filled under the “30 Day Photo Challenge” tab on the main page of my blog. Enjoy:)

“Candy Cane Lane”

I totally forgot to post these at Christmas time! Woops! Well, better late then never right? Enjoy these crazy photos:)

Creativity in the City

Here are my photos from my visit to Chicago, IL. I love being in big cities because there is SO much to photograph…if you are looking for a creativity boost, I would definitely recommend visiting a big city! Bonus points if the city is decorated for the holidays:)

Hello Union Station!

I l-o-v-e the architecture at Union Station in Chicago. It’s bold and beautiful! Here are my favorite shots from my recent visit:)