Sparks Fly

I had some fun taking firework shots on Thursday. I love how the colors turned out 🙂


Blogiversary | Top 10 Architecture Shots

This week was my two year blog anniversary (“blogiversary”!)! I thought I would celebrate the occasion by posting my fave pics from the last while and since I have too many for one post, I’m going to make it a several-part series (so far, I’ve posted my top 10 nature and portrait galleries) :) Enjoy my top 10 favorite architecture photos!

Waiting for Spring!

Here are the last 5 photos from my recent trip to Florida! I can’t believe that it was 80 degrees where I was just two weeks ago and now, as I write this post, it’s snowing where I am! This whole waiting for spring weather thing is good practice being patient, am I right? 🙂

Street Art (iPhoneography)


Okay, so I know that these painted lines don’t exactly qualify as “street art” but I think they are awesome anyway:) I love finding amazing things in ordinary situations and items!

On a side note, I figured out how to upload my iPhone photos to WordPress with great resolution…woo hoo:)

A Trip to the H.W. Library

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” –Jorge Luis Borges.

The Harold Washington Library in Chicago is so beautiful! I love books and photography so I got to do two of my favorite things there…read AND take pictures:) Enjoy a photographic tour of my visit!

Creativity in the City

Here are my photos from my visit to Chicago, IL. I love being in big cities because there is SO much to photograph…if you are looking for a creativity boost, I would definitely recommend visiting a big city! Bonus points if the city is decorated for the holidays:)

Hello Union Station!

I l-o-v-e the architecture at Union Station in Chicago. It’s bold and beautiful! Here are my favorite shots from my recent visit:)